Q. What is the difference between GE BioPark and KUBio?
KUBio is the complete cGMP-compliant solution offering both the facility to house bioprocessing manufacturing and the equipment needed. A BioPark is a collection of KUBios on a campus, each being used by different biomanufacturers, but sharing some services and infrastructure.

Q. Which biologics can be manufactured in the BioPark facilities?
Biologics such as mAbs or vaccines can be manufactured on a FlexFactory platform in a KUBio-based BioPark facility.

Q. What are the advantages of a KUBio in GE BioPark over building traditional-style facilities?
KUBio facilities are between 25% and 50% more cost-effective to build than comparable traditional facilities, and can be up and running in 18 months, enabling improved access to drugs around the world. They also consume significantly less water and energy than facilities using traditional stainless steel technologies. Bringing together a number of units together creates economies of scale and efficiency. For example, there is the potential to share facilities that you won't use all the time, such as warehousing and utilities, with neighboring operations. They can also attract a suitably qualified workforce by creating sufficient specialist demand-related services such as bespoke training.

Q. What equipment are BioPark units outfitted with?
BioPark units will use FlexFactory platform equipment and options. Typically, this would include:

  • The choice of a WAVE Bioreactor systems for cell culture expansion and Xcellerex XDR bioreactors for seed bioreactors and production bioreactors.
  • ÄKTA chromatography systems for protein purification operations.
  • Xcellerex XDUO and XDM Quad Mixing Systems to automate the mixing of buffers, media, and product intermediates.
Equipment within a unit operation and connections between unit operations can utilize ReadytoProcess single-use tubing. Automation hardware and software can be configured to enable monitoring, control, and analysis of the manufacturing process from multiple operator workstations and remote access for maintenance and troubleshooting by GE technicians.

Q. Where can I find out about availability of units in a BioPark?
If you are interested in setting up in a BioPark, please contact us to discuss potential options.