This ULTA Pure MR 47 mm filter disc for mycoplasma removal has polyethersulfone sterilizing grade membrane layer with polyethersulfone prefilter, 0.1 µm pore size rating and filter surface area of 17.3 cm² (EFA depends on holder used). This is a 47 mm filter disc, and includes the filter disc only.

  • Removal of mycoplasma with a log reduction value (LRV) > 10.
  • Integral prefilter layer can condense filter trains for improved processing economy.
  • Graded density for excellent particle retention.
  • Fully validated and integrity testable membrane for assurance of sterility.
  • Low adsorption of proteins for minimal product loss.
  • 0.1 µm pore size rating.
  • Filter surface area of 17.3 cm² (effective filtration area [EFA] depends on holder used).

Prefilter layer increases throughput

ULTA Pure MR normal flow filtration disc has been specifically designed to extend the throughput of a traditional sterilizing grade filter through the incorporation of an integral PES (polyethersulfone) prefilter layer.

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