Single use capsule assemblies designed for filtration of mycoplasma from cell culture media in the biopharmaceutical industry.

  • Removal of mycoplasma with a log reduction value (LRV) > 10.
  • Optimized membrane configuration allows increased throughput.
  • Fully validated and integrity testable membrane for assurance of sterility.
  • Low adsorption of proteins for minimal product loss.
  • Normal flow filter (NFF) capsules and ReadyMate aseptic connectors are preconfigured into ReadyCircuit filter assemblies to interconnect with a variety of ReadyCircuit process components.
  • NFF capsule assemblies are provided gamma-irradiated with a Certificate of Quality.

Mycoplasma removal with simple ReadyCircuit connection

ReadyCircuit normal flow capsules are single-use filter assemblies designed for laboratory- through process-scale applications. Depending upon the size, volume capability ranges from a few milliliters to thousands of liters of solution.

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产品 产品名称 价格(不含税及附加运输费和装卸费)
ULTA Pure MR 0.1 µm 30" Capsule Filter, terminating with ReadyMate connectors
30 in 询价
ULTA Pure MR 0.1 µm 20" Capsule Filter, terminating with ReadyMate connectors
20 in 询价