Provides optimized conditions for embryonic stem cell expansion and differentiation.

  • ES cell-qualified with HyClone™ ES Screened FBS—no prescreening required
  • Mycoplasma free and sterility tested
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产品 产品名称 价格
SH30870.01 AdvanceSTEM™ Low Osmo DMEM without L-glutamine SH30870.01 500 mL 询价 获取报价
SH30878.01 AdvanceSTEM™ Stem Cell Growth Supplement SH30878.01 100 mL 询价 获取报价
SH30822.01 AdvanceSTEM™ IMDM4SC without L-glutamine SH30822.01 500 mL 询价 获取报价
SH30900.02 AdvanceSTEM™ Amniotic Epithelial Growth medium SH30900.02 450 mL 询价 获取报价
SR30004.01 HyCell™ STEM-FF, 6X supplement SR30004.01 100 mL 询价 获取报价
SR30003.01 HyCell™ STEM, 6X supplement SR30003.01 100 mL 询价 获取报价
SH30824.01 AdvanceSTEM™ DMEM4SC with L-glucose; without L-glutamine and sodium pyruvate SH30824.01 500 mL 询价 获取报价
SH30879.02 AdvanceSTEM™ Mesenchymal Stem Cell maintenance medium SH30879.02 1000 mL 询价 获取报价
SH30879.01 AdvanceSTEM™ Mesenchymal Stem Cell maintenance medium SH30879.01 500 mL 询价 获取报价
SH30893.02 AdvanceSTEM™ Neural Differentiation medium SH30893.02 450 mL 询价 获取报价