Culture human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and induced pluripotent stem (hiPS) cells with Cytiva HyCell-STEM Media, a complete media intended for use with stem cells on feeder layer cultures

  • Increase rate of expansion
  • Sustain healthy stem cell morphology
  • Maintain stemness
  • Preserve pluripotency
  • Improved post-thaw recover

This defined, serum-free formulation is used for expanding and maintaining stem cell colonies on feeder layer cultures with daily or every other day feeds, resulting in increased cell growth with fewer passages, all while maintaining pluripotency.Includes: HyCell-STEM kit includes 6x supplement and DMEM/F12 to create a complete media. Basic fibroblast growth factor must be added to the completed media at time of use.

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HyCell-STEM media kit; includes 10 mL 6x supplement and 500 mL DMEM/F12
SR30003.KT 停产
HyCell-STEM-FF media kit; includes 100 mL 6x supplement and 500 mL DMEM/F12
SR30004.KT 停产