Benzamidine Sepharose 6B with immobilized p-aminobenzamidine (pABA) is used for removal and/or purification of serine poteases e.g thrombin.

  • For convenient, one-step removal and/or purification of trypsin, trypsin-like serine proteases, and zymogens including urokinase and prekallikrein.
  • Sepharose 6B, is 6% cross-linked agarose resin.
  • Established resin for purifying serine proteases, e.g. trypsin or thrombin.
  • Effective removal of thrombin and factor Xa after tag cleavage of recombinant proteins.

Benzamidine Sepharose 6B is p-aminobenzamidine covalently attached to Sepharose 6B by the epoxy coupling method. p-Aminobenzamidine (PAB), is a synthetic inhibitor of trypsin-like serine protease. Trypsin and trypsin-like serine proteases bind to Benzamidine Sepharose 6B and can thus be used for purification and/or removal of these substances. Trypsin, bovine thrombin, urokinase, human enterokinase, acrosin, native plasminogen, kallikrein, prekallikrein, collagenase and clostripain are some of the serine proteases that have been purified on Benzamidine Sepharose 6B. For recombinant purification, Benzamidine Sepharose 6B can be used for removal of serine proteases such as thrombin and enterokinase after cleavage of purification tags

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Benzamidine Sepharose 6B, 25 mL