Rapid and convenient imidazole removal of your protein sample.

  • Convenient clean-up of protein samples (> 5000 Mr) and buffer exchange of small sample volumes (50-100 μl) prior to sample pre-labeling.
  • Efficient removal of imidazole or other buffer components that could reduce labeling efficiency (for example glycine, [>100 mM] or ammonium sulfate).
  • High recovery of target protein.
  • Works seamLessly with Amersham WB instrument.

Amersham WB MiniTrap kit contains disposable PD MiniTrap G-25 columns and 10x Amersham WB labeling buffer (stock solution). Rapid sample clean-up is performed using a gravity protocol, where one or several columns can conveniently be run in parallel using the column stand supplied in the kit.

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Amersham WB MiniTrap kit