• Advanced functionality for both standard and preparative mode that allows large volume fraction collection.
  • Flexible fraction collection from 96-well microplates plates to 250 ml bottles or funnels connected to any vessel.
  • Fixed volume fractionation or automatic peak fractionation is possible.

Fraction collector Frac-950 (including rack A)

Frac-950 offers two independent ways of preventing sample loss and the highest flexibility in the choice of collection mode. Fractions are collected in microplates (over 384 fractions, up to 2.5 ml per fraction), or in a variety of test tube sizes (up to 250 ml per fraction). Collection is in volume or time mode and different fraction sizes can be collected during different stages of a separation. In standard fraction collection mode, fractions can be collected in 96-well microplates (up to four) and 12, 18, and 30 mm standard tubes. To deal with large fraction volumes, preparative mode allows fraction collection in eighty 30 mm standard tubes, twenty 250 ml bottles, or in 30 funnels, which connect to practically any vessel.

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产品 产品名称 价格
18608311 支架 A,配有用于 18 mm 和 30 mm 试管的碗 支架 A 询价 获取报价