Monitor UPC-900 is a high precision on-line monitor offering the possibility to measure UV, conductivity, and pH using a single instrument.

  • Real chromatographic information at a glance.
  • Three monitors in one unit: UV, pH, and conductivity.
  • Operates as an integral component of ÄKTAFPLC or as a standalone unit.
  • Flow cells fit tightly in series to minimize dead volume and band-broadening effects.
  • Wide range of select, high specificity UV wavelengths using a mercury or zinc lamp.
  • Designed for all chromatographic techniques used in analysis and purification of biomolecules.

Monitor UPC-900 provides UV and temperature-compensated pH and conductivity parameters in a single display. Temperature is monitored and displayed and can be recorded if the monitor is used in ÄKTAdesign systems.

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Monitor UPC-900