Cytiva 的 Whatman Anotop 无菌针式滤器包含无机 Anopore 膜。这种无菌膜滤器表现出低蛋白吸附,适合于生物过滤。

  • Sterile syringe filters for critical applications
  • Aluminum-based inorganic Anotop syringe filters in three pore sizes
  • Compatible with most organic solvents and aqueous samples
  • Low hold-up volume (< 20 μl for Anotop 10) for maximum sample recovery
  • Made without wetting agents or adhesives for low risk of sample contamination
  • Capillary pore structure supports highly consistent filtration results
  • Recyclable after use. Learn how you can recycle it.

Cytiva 的产品范围还包括 Anotop 和其他针式滤器玻璃超细纤维 (GMF) 预滤器。

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产品 产品名称 价格(不含税及附加运输费和装卸费)
Anotop 10 mm 无菌针式滤器,0.2 µm(50 个)
10 mm 0.2 µm 询价
Anotop 25 mm 无菌针式滤器,0.1 µm(50 个)
25 mm 0.1 μm 询价
Anotop 25 mm 无菌针式滤器,0.02 µm(50 个)
25 mm 0.02 μm 询价
Anotop 10 mm 无菌针式滤器,0.1 µm(50 个)
10 mm 0.1 μm 询价
Anotop 25 mm 无菌针式滤器,0.2 µm(50 个)
25 mm 0.2 µm 询价
Anotop 10 mm 无菌针式滤器,0.02 µm(50 个)
10 mm 0.02 μm 询价