• Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3 IEF system is a fully integrated isoelectric focusing system optimized to deliver speed and reliability in the first dimension of 2-D electrophoresis
  • Run up to 12 IPG strips (7, 11, 13, 18, or 24 cm) simultaneously using Ettan™ IPGphor™ manifold, Ettan™ IPGphor™ Manifold Light, or ceramic strip holders
  • Use sample cups with Ettan™ IPGphor™ manifold or Ettan™ IPGphor™ manifold light to significantly increase protein loads
  • Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3 Control Software allows management of up to four Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3 IEF units simultaneously, each running a different set of run parameters
  • Lid design allows optimum running with light-sensitive protein samples
  • The system is fully compatible with the earlier Ettan™ IPGphor™ IEF unit and is ideal for 2-D DIGE applications
  • Automatic voltage cutoff when safety lid is opened


改进后的 Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3 系统易于使用,克服了现有技术中最常见的障碍,能够稳定地提供速度、重现性和处理增加的蛋白质负荷量。Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3 设备采用全新设计,通过改善样品处理和 PC 控制提供了更高水平的质量控制和实验的重现性

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Ettan™ IPGphor™ 3 等电聚焦装置
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