AlkPhos Direct Labeling and Detection Systems are based on the rapid, direct labeling of DNA or RNA probes with thermostable alkaline phosphatase. CDP-Star or ECF detection can be used.

  • Probes are labelled during a 30 minute reaction, resulting in probes that can be used without purification.
  • Hybridization stringency can be controlled by temperature as well as salt concentration. Detection is rapid, taking only 30 minutes from completion of hybridization to application of detection reagent.

AlkPhos Direct 标记和检测系统基于用耐热碱性磷酸酶快速直接标记 DNA 或 RNA 探针。可使用 CDP-Star 或 ECF 检测。

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ECF 检测模块
适用于 2500 cm² 的膜 5,323.00 CNY 加入购物车