• UNICORN in the laboratory offers: Full control of user access, systems, and data. Shared systems and data in a network according to your set access profiles. Real-time overview of the system and display of actual system status. Method Wizard, which allows simple control of your protein purification methods with the most recent types of resins.
  • Simple transition: Remain flexible in the clinical manufacturing environment with optional UNICORN control integrated via UNICORN general OPC support. Easy transfer of developed chromatography and filtration methods from lab systems to manufacturing systems. No need for user training in new environments. Use Scouting to automate screening for optimal purification conditions. Conditional control functions for real-time optimization of purification methods. Evaluate results with analytical tools for quantitation, molecular weight determination, and recovery.
  • UNICORN in manufacturing offers: Efficient and reliable purification methods for chromatography and filtration. Updated column and resins specs with data from the column list. Automatic evaluation and presentation of purification results in reports with your own design or on predefined templates. Built-in capability for optional hardware, which allows expansion of the chromatography system's configuration. Storage of generated data to batch history via OPC. Compliance with current US FDA guidelines and regulations. Automated column packing for Axichrom columns.

UNICORN control software incorporates our experience in protein purification to give reliable results even if you have minimal expertise in chromatography and filtration techniques. As you become more experienced, UNICORN allows you to modify the purification methods to specific needs and provides full control of the purification process.

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产品 产品名称 价格(不含税及附加运输费和装卸费)
Unicorn 5.11 AA, dry license (software without control capabilities)
Dry 许可证 停产
Unicorn 5.11 AA, workstation license
工作站许可证 询价
Unicorn 5.11 AA, remote license (requires existing workstation)
远程许可证 停产