Operation of ÄKTA pure chromatography system is controlled by UNICORN 6.3 control software, which provides built-in knowledge for planning, controlling, and analyzing the system and chromatography results.

  • Intuitive software design: simple, intuitive, and flexible method creation using predefined phases (steps).
  • Database storage: robust data storage allows easy access to data, data security, and data integrity.
  • Interactive Process picture: shows the current open flow path and offers an intuitive way to control the run manually.
  • Customizable software: add column and run data as well as Design of Experiments functionality for method development as your research needs grow.
  • Power Save: Connected Instrument can be put on Power save mode if it is in Ready state for more than the set time.
  • Email Notifications: If an alarm, error or warning occurs during a run, user can be notified through an email sent to a specified email address.

UNICORN 6.3 features object navigators and docking panes, and the layout can be customized to suit the users' needs. The Method Editor provides built-in application support, and the graphic user interface provides for easy viewing and editing of the run properties. UNICORN 6.3 can be customized with functionality called DoE, a powerful tool that allows the maximum amount of information to be obtained from a minimum number of experiments. Traditionally, optimal conditions may be determined by varying one parameter at a time while the rest of the parameters are kept fixed. With DoE, factors are varied simultaneously, reducing the number of required experiments and saving time and money.

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UNICORN 6.3.1 Upgrade Grace Period
UNICORN 6.3.1 workstation pack for ÄKTA pure, ÄKTApilot, ÄKTAprocess
UNICORN 6.3.1 DVD package
UNICORN 6.3.1 Upgrade pack for ÄKTA avant
UNICORN 6.3.1 workstation pack for ÄKTA avant