The WAVE Bioreactor instrument is an effective, cost-efficient device for cell culture. Culture medium and cells contact only a presterile, disposable chamber that is positioned on a special rocking platform. The rocking motion of the platform induces waves in the culture fluid and thereby provides continual mixing and oxygen transfer, resulting in a robust environment for cell growth. The Bioreactor reqires no cleaning or sterilization, providing ease of operation and protection against cross-contamination.

  • Stainless steel construction with linear motor rocking system.
  • Integral temperature controller.
  • Integral Loadcell with adjustable color touchpanel operator interface.
  • Aeration controller.

Designed for R & D, process development, and cGMP production use, the WAVE Bioreactor 500/1000 is a self-contained system with integral temperature control, aeration pump, and rocking controller for use with working culture volumes between 50 and 500 l.

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产品 产品名称 价格(不含税及附加运输费和装卸费)
KIT1000EH, for Base 500/1000EH
Base 500/1000EH2 暂时缺货
KIT500EH, for Base 500/1000EH
Base 500/1000EH1 停产