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Case studies and publications for different biomolecules

Virus-like particles (VLP)

  • IEX: Modeling and simulation of anion-exchange membrane chromatography for purification of Sf9 insect cell-derived virus-like particles (publication)
  • IEX: Accelerating VLP purification process development (article)

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)

  • IEX: Adsorption of colloidal proteins in ion-exchange chromatography under consideration of charge regulation (publication)
  • IEX: Calibration-free inverse modeling of ion-exchange chromatography in industrial antibody purification (publication)
  • IEX: Modeling of complex antibody elution behavior under high protein load densities in ion exchange chromatography using an asymmetric activity coefficient (publication)
  • Prediction uncertainty assessment of chromatography models using Bayesian inference (publication)
  • IEX: Optimization of an antibody polishing step (article)
  • IEX: Scalability of mechanistic models for ion exchange chromatography under high load conditions (poster)

Bispecific antibodies

  • IEX: Good modeling practice for industrial chromatography - mechanistic modeling of ion exchange chromatography of a bispecific antibody (publication)

Other proteins

  • Estimation of adsorption isotherm and mass transfer parameters in protein chromatography using artificial neural networks (publication)
  • Water on hydrophobic surfaces: Mechanistic modeling of hydrophobic interaction chromatography (publication)
  • A versatile noninvasive method for adsorber quantification in batch and column chromatography based on the ionic capacity (publication)
  • High‐throughput micro‐scale cultivations and chromatography modeling: Powerful tools for integrated process development (publication)
  • A mechanistic model of ion-exchange chromatography on polymer fiber stationary phases (publication)
  • Application of spectral deconvolution and inverse mechanistic modelling as a tool for root cause investigation in protein chromatography (publication)
  • Simulating and optimizing preparative protein chromatography with ChromX™ (publication)
  • UV absorption‐based inverse modeling of protein chromatography (publication)