Biacore X100 is an easy-to-use interaction analysis system that gives you reliable affinity, kinetics, and active concentration data. It provides all the key analysis tools to boost your understanding of protein function and biological mechanisms.

  • Get started quickly with workflow-oriented software and built-in guidance.
  • Multiple options for high-quality affinity and kinetics data – steady state analysis, multicycle or single-cycle kinetics.
  • Confident concentration analysis – without the need for a protein standard.

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产品 产品名称 价格
BR100800 Biacore X100 系统操作软件 v.2.0 1 询价 获取报价
28956516 Biacore X100 plus Package 2.0 升级套件 1 询价 获取报价
BR100798 Biacore X100 Plus Package 1 询价 获取报价
BR110073 Biacore X100 询价 获取报价